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RESIDÊNCIA ARTÍSTICA rodrigo lima 3.png

Em 2024, fará uma residência artística pelo Programa Ibermúsicas, na cidade de Madrid, com o grupo espanhol SIGMA Project Quartet.


UltraViolet Ensemble - January 26, 2024

7:30 pm | Convocation Hall

Works by Emilie LeBel, Rodrigo Lima, Raphael Cendo, Stylianos Dimou, and a world premiere by Rio Houle, made possible with support from the Edmonton Arts Council


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Review: ITA Journal International Trombone Association

"Ársis CONCERTO was commissioned by the Symphony Orchestra of the University of São Paulo for the 2021 season and dedicated to Brazilian trombonist Carlos Freitas. This is the fourth work that their collaboration has produced including: MATIZ I for trombone and trumpet, Elegia em Azul   ;for trombone octet and MATIZ IV for solo trombone."

Reviewer: Karl Hinterbichler

(Prof. at University of New Mexico)

Review Published April 3, 2022

Vol. 50 #2

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full sun UE.jpg


“Zenith Sun” for Orchestra (2019)


Screenshot (219).png

The Theatro São Pedro Orchestra presents the Blocks concert.
The repertoire includes compositions by Claude Debussy, Olivier Toni, Rodrigo Lima, Alexandre Lunsqui, Eduardo Guimarães Álvares and Graciela Paraskeváidis.

OHUE VIII will be played by the talented Fabio Simão!

The performances take place on August 14th and 15th, Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 5pm. The concert will be conducted by Ricardo Bologna and will feature soprano Tati Helene.


Rodrigo Lima will be the honored composer of the 28th National Piano Competition "Prof. Abrão Calil Neto" (2021) which will take place in September in Ituiutaba, Minas Gerais. For this edition the composer wrote 14 new pieces, seven for solo piano and seven for four-handed piano.

BabelScores is a specialized network in selected quality classical contemporary music.







"PINE SUN"  for Orchestra (2019) 

Based in Vienna/Austria, nomus21 seeks out and presents symphonic music by living composers. Nomus21 works on building a network of musicians, conductors and concert organizers passionate about the music of our time.

festival Cuba.jpg

Rodrigo Lima participates in the 32nd LA HABANA CONTEMPORARY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2019


CONSTRUCTION -'POINTS AND LINES' for percussion and clarinet 

                 HUE III for percussion

             Janet Rodríguez - Percussion
             Vivian Ferrero Hidalgo - Clarinet

Biennial in Rio 2019.png

 Rodrigo Lima debuts work at the XXIII Biennial of Contemporary Brazilian Music


 November 10th at 5pm, in Sala Cecília Meireles world premiere ofDiagonal Breathwith the Lorenzo Fernandez Quintet. 

rodrigo lima composer.jpg

Concert Magazine

"Rodrigo Lima creates work for the State Youth Orchestra"


by João Luiz Sampaio 09/08/2019

 photo Heloisa Bortz

Concert Magazine

"In a major concert, Orquestra Jovem do Estado premieres a work by Rodrigo Lima"

by Nelson Rubens Kunze13/08/2019

 photo: Heloisa Bortz


tearful peasant Rodrigo Lima.jpg

Brazil in fact

Composer debuts song in tribute to victims of violence in the countryside, in Rio

"Lacrimosa campesina" is a song of resistance for justice and peace for men and women who fight for the right to land

By Clívia Mesquita

Brazil in fact | Rio de Janeiro - RJ)

November 12, 2018 


CONCERT HALL - José Milton Vieira (Trombone)

~Ziriguidum, Concertino for Trombone and Piano (2015)
Arthur Barbosa (b.1962)

~Childhood fashionWorld Premiere
Fernando Deddos (b.1983)

~Is My Shoe Still Blue? (2014)
Christian Muthspiel (b.1962)

~Notes of Love (2009)
Nicola Ferro (b. 1974)

~Sonatina for Trombone and Piano (2003)
Rodrigo Lima (b. 1976)

congress croatia saxophone 2018.jpg

 18th World Saxophone Congress & Festival in Zagreb, Croatia.



for flute, saxophone, piano and reciter with poetry by Pierre Louys.

Music commissioned by the French group 'Quatuor Apollinaire' for a concert in honor of Debussy on the centenary of his death. The premiere takes place in July at the 18th World Saxophone Congress & Festival in Zagreb, Croatia.



Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe


Percussionist Moe Fukuda and oboist Lisa Bergmann present

Points and Lines for oboe and percussion inUniversity of music Karlsruhe.

December 11th- Karlsruhe - Germany




11. December 2017, 19.30 Uhr 
Ort: Hochschule für Musik, Velte-Saal


 Next Centauri performs in São Paulo


Founded in Bordeaux, France, Proxima Centauri is a chamber music group that puts contemporary creation into the spotlight. at the center of your work.







​Date: November 16, 2017 | at 8:00 p.m.
Location: Conservatory Room - Praça Das Artes
Av. São João, 281 - Centro, São Paulo.
Free entrance

Premiere of "Profissão de Febre" for mixed choir


Coral Jovem do Estado presents a new work based on a poem by Paulo Leminski at the weekend's concerts. The composition 'Profession of fever for mixed choir' (2017), by the composer and professor at EMESP Rodrigo Lima.

Friday | 01/09 | 3pm | CEU Navegantes

Saturday | 02/09 | 8pm | Santos Dumont Theater

Sunday | 03/09 | 11am | São Paulo Room





Fernando MORAIS
Rodrigo LIMA
Marco ‘Caixote’ PONTES
John Glenesk MORTIMER


 Rio Music Week ABSTRAI Ensemble


Rodrigo LIMA - Sopro de Câmara (2009) 
Didier MARC GARIN - Da Caccia (2015) 
Pauxy GENTIL-NUNES - Trio (2012)

"Composition and discovery"

"One of the most active authors of his generation deals with the act of composing"

Interview on SUPERTONIC with Arrigo Barnabas

Radio Cultura FM

Focus! 2017 | Our Southern Neighbors: The Music of Latin America

 Composers: Diana Syrse (Mexico/Germany), Agustín Fernández (Bolivia), 

Sergio Kafejian (Brazil), Eduardo Cáceres (Chile) 
Ariannys Mariño (Cuba), Juan Ortiz de Zarate (Argentina) 
Rodrigo Lima (Brazil) Hue II  (2013, US premiere)
Ezequiel Viñao (Argentina/US) 

 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, 
© The Juilliard School


Ars Nova ensemble / Proxima Centauri 

Xenakis, Vázquez, Lima, Reich


Meet between two ensembles of the new grand region: Ars Nova et Proxima Centauri, ensemble de musique de chambre bordelais. Rencontre également entre la creation d’aujourd’hui et deux maîtres de la musique contemporaine: 

Steve Reich, Iannis Xenakis, Hebert Vázquez (Uruguay) and Rodrigo Lima (Brazil)

Théâtre Auditorium Poitiers - France.

16.02.17  20:30


concert Sesc

Concert Series - Extended Technique 

SESC Vila Mariana August 13th

In this concert, the public has the opportunity to come into contact with the work of three composers and four performers in solo performances, who make extended techniques their fields of action: Luis Afonso Montanha, Carlos Freitas, Heri Brandino and Wesley Sampaio present compositions ofSérgio Kafejian, Alexandre Lunsqui and Rodrigo Lima.

V Virtuosi 21st Century

V Virtuosi Século XXI - October 27th to 29th (Recife/PE).

This year, the event will feature the presence of composers Fernando Cerqueira (BA),Rodrigo Lima (SP),  Oiliam Lanna (MG), Valério Fiel da Costa (PB), , Karola Obermüller (Germany), in addition to the groups/performers ABSTRAI ensemble (RJ), Camilla Hoitenga (USA/Germany), Taavi Kerikmäe (Estonia ) and Ensemble U: (Estonia)!


La Soirée des Musiciens

 Festival des Arts de Bordeaux

World premiere of “Txury-ò”

World premiere of “Txury-ò”,“path where the sun goes”.Work inspired by Indian cosmologyKarajá and commissioned by the French group Proxima Centauri for the Festival des Arts de Bordeaux. The concert will be on October 20th at Le théâtre des Quatre Saisons in Bordeaux, France.

 New Mexico Contemporary Ensemble

The New Mexico Contemporary Ensemble

September 10, 2016
The Village: 209 Pacific Ave SW, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Program includes: Michael Lowenstern, Clifton Callender, Rodrigo LIMA, Roberto Sierra and more!

ensemble mexico.jpg

 New Mexico Contemporary Ensemble

"Tonight!! See you at 7pm for a beautiful photography exhibit and music. We've got a great program planned from composers throughout the Americas- Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and the U.S!

Please join us!"

Program includes:
Gustavo Trillini's "Flotar"
Rodrigo Lima's "Matiz IV"
Jordan Nobles' "Simulacrum"

L'Associazione culturale TKE - Italy


MATIZ IV for solo trombone will be presented at the Festival"Risuonanze 2016" in Italy in May by trombonist Rocco Rescigno.

Risuonanze Festival 2016 
Incontri di new musiche


concert 6.jpg


17th Congrès et Festival Mundial du saxophone – Strasbourg

Le répertoire brésilien pour saxophone seul et en duo.

Carlos Gontijo et Douglas Braga proposent des œuvres brésiliennes pour saxophone seul et pour duo de saxophones.


Program -  07/10/2015 14:15

  • Fantasia Sul América for alto saxophone seul (Claudio Santoro)

  • Sound Landscape n°6 for alto saxophone seul (Rodrigo Lima)

  • Cadence for alto saxophone seoul (Douglas Braga)

  • Autopsychography for two soprano saxophones (Douglas Braga)

concert 6.jpg

 Premiere ofAntiphons for saxophone and ensemble (2014) 

Congres & Festival Mondial du saxophone' in Strasbourg

(France), 07/11/2015

World premiere of'Antiphonas'for sax and ensemble

Soloist: Pedro Bittencourt

Ensembles: Ensemble Linea and Proxima Centauri 

Musical direction: Guillaume Bourgogne





Abstrai Ensemble - Cecília Meireles Room

Pedro Bittencourt (sax), Marina Spoladore (piano), Daniel Serale (percussion) and Paulo Dantas (electronics)


Rodrigo Lima, Marcus Siqueira, Mauricio De Bonis and João Pedro Oliveira.

12:30 PM AND 6:30 PM | | CECÍLIA MEIRELES ROOM - June 10th Largo da Lapa, 47 Centro Rio de Janeiro.


OSão Pedro Theater opens the series“Brazilian Chamber Music”,that throughout the 2015 season will present compositions from the 20th and 21st centuries.


February 10th – 12pm

Program:Marcus Siqueira, Rodrigo Lima and Mauricio De Bonis.

Performers: Caroline de Comi, soprano, Sarah Hornsby, flute, Gilson Antunes, guitar and Luciano Cesar Morais, guitar.

Hue V



SERIES PREMIERES - Municipal Theater

Conservatory Room – Praça das Artes – 28/5 -Thursdays, 8pm

The pianistHoracio Gouveia will make the world premiere of HUE V for solo piano (2015), work commissioned by Theatro Municipal de São Paulo.


Names”for orchestra (2005) will be part of the 2015 season of the Campinas Municipal Symphony Orchestra.


The work will be conducted by conductor Alessandro Sangiorgi (Italy) at Teatro Municipal José de Castro Mendes on April 11th and 12th, 2015.



 - Strange Music Festival –

OCA (Now Composition Workshop)
BA-SP-RJ exchange concert, with the groups Camará and OCA Scores+(BA), Ensemble AF (SP) and the musician Pedro Bittencourt (RJ)

11/28 - Friday - 8:30pm - Red Bull Station



Alexandre Espinheira, Guilherme Bertissolo, Paulo Rios Filho, Alexandre Lunsqui, Mauricio De Bonis Marcus Siqueira, Rodrigo Lima, Cornelius Cardew.


Concert - 10/28 | have | 8pm: contemporary classical music |Latin American Camerata – Contemporary 
CPFL Culture.
Artistic direction and conducting: Simone Menezes 
liduino pitombeira (1962), silvio ferraz (1959), rodrigo lima (1976) alexandre lunsqui (1969), joão guilherme ripper (1959).


"Pour ce premier numéro, je vous emmène au Brésil" !



ProgramRadio France dedicated to Brazilian music presented the CD"The Violin in the Metropolis"(ÁguaForte label) by violinist Simona Cavuoto playing 'Recite'for solo violin.    le dimanche 7 September 2014

Professor at EMESP Tom Jobim, Rodrigo Lima, creates work especially for the Tom Jobim Youth Orchestra


Orquestra Jovem Tom Jobim under the command of maestro Osman Gioia will premiereISLANDS (2014).
Date and Location: September 12th, MASP Grand Auditorium at 8pm
Sunday, the 14th, Sala São Paulo at 11am.

EMA (Current Music Meeting)

Meeting with two composers at the ECA-USP Music Department.
• ComposersSilvio Ferraz (Usp) and Rodrigo Lima (Emesp).

September 5th (Friday), 2pm, room 12 at CMU USP.



 Abstrai Ensemble at the Ouro Preto and Mariana Winter Festival
July 14th and 15th 2014 

Works by Daniel Puig, H. J. Koellreuter, Rodrigo Lima, Jean-Pierre Caron, Mauricio de Bonis, Marcos Balter, João Pedro Oliveira and others.


CD 3+2/SP |  Epifania Piano Trio - 2014


The debut album of a new classical trio of outstanding musicians, dedicated to contemporary music only.

In this CD Epifania Piano Trio performs previous unreleased music for trios and duos by young Brazilian composers, with the city of São Paulo as inspiration.


Composers:Rodrigo Lima, Rodolfo Valente, Marcus Siqueira, Maurício De Bonis and Thiago Cury.By AguaForte

CPFL Cultura - The trombone and its Brazilian dialogues. 

Carlos Freitas, trombone.

CPFL Cultura- Campinas 05/31 | Sat | 8pm

Construction:Hue IV, for solo trombone

 Matiz I 'hommage à Varèse for trombone and trumpet


SONORA BRASIL brings concerts from the national circuit to CCBB 

Event in Rio de Janeiro brings repertoire of composers who have already participated inBiennials of Contemporary Brazilian Music. The exhibition organized by Sesc runs until Sunday, April 6, at the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center. Songs fromMarisa Rezende, Murilo Santos, Carlos Almada, Ricardo Tacuchian, Wellington Gomes, Rodrigo Lima, among others. Rio de Janeiro, between the 3rd and 6th of April, starting at 7:30 pm.


Westfield Festival of New Music

On March 2nd, the American saxophonist,Andrew Studenski, interprets Soundscape n.6for solo saxophone at the Westfield Festival of New Music.



Taila Amar · James Crowley · Sungji Hong · Cody Kauhl - Rodrigo Lima · Jessica Rudman · Jeffery Shiversand Westfield native Frederic Rzewski.



The Boston New Music Initiative and The Generous Ensemble.

Trombone and piano recital is an attraction at SESC Vl Mariana

Trombonist Carlos Freitas debutsMATIZ IV (2013) for solo trombone and performs with pianist Karin FernandesSonatina for trombone and piano (2003).

Date: February 22nd at Sesc Vila Mariana Auditorium- 6:30 pm - São Paulo.



- Strange Music Festival 2013

 Group formed by Simona Cavuoto (violin), Felipe Scagliusi (piano) and Alberto Kanji (cello)  performs at Música Estranha a pre-release concert for 3+2/SP, their first CD. In the concert repertoire works by Olivier Toni, Marcus Siqueira, Mauricio de Bonis, Rodrigo Lima, Thiago CuryIt is Rodolfo Valente. CCSP, Sala Jardel Filho - 05.12 - Thursday-8:30pm Free entrance

Trombone Contemporâneo is a documentary about the recording of the CD "Contemporary Trombone - Vol I" by the trombonistCarlos Freitas. Six composers were requested by the performer to create pieces where the trombone appears as a solo instrument:Alexandre Lunsqui, Flo Menezes, Marcílio Onofre, Paulo Zuben, Rodrigo LimaIt isSergio Kafejian.

Launch concert, November 27, 2013 at Teatro da Unesp - Barra Funda - SP at 9:00 pm! Produced by Roberta Martinho from Oiya Produções Culturais.

virtuosi XXI.jpg

                          II VIRTUOSI SECULO XXI 2013


On November 27th, the French saxophonist, CLEMENT HIMBERT, will perform at the Festival Virtuosi Século XXI. It does not program Luciano BERIO (1925-2003) Sequenza IXb, Giacinto SCELSI (1905-1988) Tre Pezzi, Rodrigo LIMA (*1976) Soundscape n.6, Pierre JODLOWSKI (*1971) Mixtion and Sylvain RIFFLET (*1976) A sax a day keeps the pressure away.

Location: Teatro Eva Herz, Recife-PE, 8pm.

Clément Himbert, France 

Composers Project 2013 UFRJ

Lecture and masterclass with composer Rodrigo Lima. 
Friday – November 1st, at 11 am
Congregation Room - UFRJ School of Music
Rua do Passeio, 98 - Center - Free Entry

Campos do Jordão Winter Festival - 2013​



Complete program:

LUCAS FAGIN -  Chronicle of the Oppressed

 RODRIGO LIMA - Matiz I - Hommage à Varèse (2010)World Premiere 

JOÃO VICTOR BOTA -  Zenith, SÁNDOR VÉRESS -  Memento (1983)
KALEVI AHO -  Ennen Yötä, VALÉRIA BONAFÉ From the Book of Imaginary Beings

Date: 07/17/2013

Time: 6:45 pm Location: Dr. Alem Cultural Space
Av. Dr. Januário Miráglia, 1582 Vila Abernéssia - Campos de Jordão - SP

Manhã Cultura -  Cultura FM 


At Manhã Cultura this Saturday, 06/07, Ligiana Costa welcomes the composer Rodrigo Lima. For the program, Lima prepared a musical selection with his references.

From 9 am!


W​ONCERT ANNIVERSAIRE ENSEMBLE ALEPH & INVITÉS​​​_22200 000-0000-0000-0000-000000000222_​ 2013

​World premiere:

Hai-Kai d'après João Guimarães Rosa​ (2013)​
for voice, clarinet, trumpet, guitar, cello, piano and percussions.​

On June 4th, the French group Ensemble Aleph  performs a concert in Paris commemorating his 30-year career. On the occasion, the group will perform the world premiere of  Hai-Kai for voice, clarinet, trumpet, violin, cello, piano and percussion. The work was composed at the request of Ensemble Aleph especially for this commemorative concert. Lima’s work was inspired by a hai-kai by writer João Guimarães Rosa entitled Turbulência: “The wind experiences what it will do with its freedom...”

                     Ensemble Aleph 30th birthday 2013



Brasília Quintet at SESC Sonora Brasil 2013

Bassoonist Gustavo Koberstein plays Paisagem som N.5 for solo bassoon.

Rodrigo Lima's WORKS NOW PUBLISHED BY BabelScores

BabelScores®  contemporary music - France

National Trombonist Meeting in NATAL-RN - 2013
​​Carlos Freitas - trombone -  April 24th to 26th.

Rodrigo Lima - Soundscape n° 1 for solo trombone
Henri Dutilleux - Choral, Cadence et Fugato;
Luciano Berio - Sequenza V - for solo trombone
Arthur Pryor - Fantastic Polk

Bone Project interviews Rodrigo Lima2012
''The Brazilian composer Rodrigo Lima composed a work for the Bone Project entitled Elegia em Azul, in memory of the great Brazilian trombonist Radegundis Feitosa. The work will have its world premiere in January 2013 at the 1st Projeto Bone Brasil International Festival.

music from now

Meeting with new composers of concert music in Brazil. From the 21st to the 24thJune 2012 - ITAÚ CULTURAL São Paulo.

Composers: Rodrigo Lima, Sergio Rodrigo Lacerda, Maurício De Bonis, Felipe Lara, Marcus Siqueira, Marcílio Onofre, Gustavo Lange, among others. 22_

Camerata Aberta won the 8th BRAVO Award! 2012

Category Best Classical Music CD, with Espelho d'Água, released this year by Selo Sesc 2012.

The CD presents contemporary works by Brazilian composers such as Silvio Ferraz, Sérgio Kafejian and Rodrigo Lima and foreigners such as the Portuguese Miguel Azguime, the Italian Franco Donatoni and the German Oliver Schneller, under the baton of French maestro Guillaume Bourgogne.


Folha de São Paulo 2012 - Classical group focusing on contemporary repertoire releases CD

Manoel da Costa Pinto. 05/24/2012
"Under the baton of Guillaume Bourgogne, pieces by Rodrigo Lima and Roberto Victorio seem to form an unlikely bridge between the abrupt lyricism of Schoenberg or Alban Berg and the clash of timbres promoted by Varèse."

2nd. Paraná Meeting of Musical Composition   2012

32nd Londrina Music Festival. ABSTRAI Ensemble will perform a concert with works by:Guilherme Carvalho, Marcelo Carneiro de Lima, Pauxy Gentil-Nunes, Rodrigo Lima, Rogério Vasconcelos.

Abstrai ensemble website

32nd International Festival of Contemporary Music in Valencia 2010 - Spain
Orchestrutopica (Lisbon, Portugal).
 15 | May 2010 | 8.30pm Valencia | Talía Theater VÍA LATINA +ACTUAL
Cesário Costa, direction.

Emilio Calandín (1958) Llanto II (2003) 
Rodrigo Lima (1976) Canto Esparso (2009) 
João Pedro Oliveira (1959) Timshel 
Carlos Caires (1968) Crossfade (2009) 
José Júlio Lópes (1957) Undo (2009) 
Carlos Fontcuberta (1977) Aire Latiente (2010)



Music for the World


By Thiago Romero - Agência FAPESP

Rodrigo Lima, master's student at Unicamp, wins the Ibero-American Rodolfo Halffter Composition Prize, in Mexico. It is the third international award received by the young talent in the last two years.


A café with young contemporary music from Chile and Brazil

                           Carlos Valenzuela and Rodrigo Lima

          VIII Contemporary Music Festival - Santiago (Chile) 2008


A Mexican and a Brazilian won the Rodolfo Halffter Iberoamerican Prize 2008


"The Mexican José Luis Hurtado Ruelas and the Brazilian Rodrigo da Silva Lima resulted in winners of the third version of Iberoamerican Rodolfo Halffter Composition Prize summoned by the Instrumenta program, whose fall was given to discover the night of the night in a ceremony held at El Colegio Nacional".



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